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Juniors and golf


The story getting most of the attention this week in the sport’s world is not about the success of a player or a team, but of violence and lack of self control.


I am referring to the situation in professional basketball where players were suspended because of their actions involving fighting with fans. 


Many sports seem to breed the idea that you have to be mean and violent and play dirty.  I remember in the basketball playoffs last year, one player was interviewed and claimed he was proud of wanting to be known as the “baddest” of the bad.  He also wanted his junior age son to be known for this.  Wow, are those the life skills you want your junior to learn?


If you want your children to learn important life skills such as self control, patience and that it is your own hard work and preparation for the future which will help you achieve success, I suggest you introduce them to the game of golf.


There are many lessons to be learned from the game of golf.  This game requires you to continually learn so it promotes the desire for life long learning.  Each round of golf is an ongoing learning experience.  The day may start out calm and wind free, but later in the day the wind usually starts blowing.  This means you will have to adjust your club selections based on the varying wind gusts.


The greens may start out freshly mowed and putting very smooth, but as the day wears on, the wind starts to dry the greens out and firm them up.  The approach shots do not hold as well.  The amount of speed you stroke your putts with will need to be adjusted, as will the amount of break allowed for.


Every round of golf has good breaks and bad breaks.  The approach shot that feels and looks great, but misses carrying the greenside bunker by a couple of inches and winds up buried under the lip.  The drive that was headed out of bounds but it struck a tree and caromed back into the middle of the fairway.  Your playing partner is holing what seems like miles of putts and all of yours seem to hit the hole and lip out.


We have all heard the old saying “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

There are important life lessons to be learned as you learn to manage your golf game.  Learning to deal with the bitter and the sweet, how we learn to deal with the failures within a round of golf help us learn to deal with emotional ups and downs in our life. 


The game of golf is also a game of life skills.  It can teach you to have purpose, pride, patience, persistence, perspective and appreciation.  If you haven’t exposed your children to the game of golf, now is the time.

About golf52todo

I am a Top 5o Golf Digest Best Woman Teacher 2010-2011. I teach at Tijeras Creek Golf Club in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. I am a PGA and LPGA member and have 26 years of teaching experience. I played on the LPGA Tour for 13 years.
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